CO Brand Leaders Summit 2022: The Programme

This year’s CO Brand Leaders Summit focuses on circular fashion. We’ll be hearing from some of fashion’s most pioneering brands about how they overcame obstacles to innovate circular products and integrate circular thinking into their business. We’ll also be showcasing the must-know solution providers to help you to turn insights into action.

CO Brand Leaders Summit 2022

Circular Fashion

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Wednesday 2nd November 2022, 14.00-18.00 GMT Online

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The Programme

Let’s move beyond ‘circular’ as a buzzword and discover how we, as an industry, can co-create transformative, authentic and practical solutions. Together.

14.00 - 18.00 GMT

Our progamme will include 4 modules giving you latest information and trends, practical guidance, inspiration, ideas and tools to help you to implement circularity best practice. 

Hear first hand how leading brands have implemented circularity. Learn and connect with the people who have pioneered best practice within their products and across their supply chain.

1. Circularity - setting the scene 

  • Why does circularity matter now? What are the most exciting opportunities open to us to further best practice? How do we reduce volume whilst maintaining commercial returns? 
  • We hear from industry OG's* and share latest best practice and trends, drawing from data across the CO platform and network.

*OG = original or originator - the thought leaders behind the circularity movement

2. Product Design for Circularity


  • Circular design principles - brands and products that are leading the way
  • Circularity and social justice - how circularity can deliver value for people and planet
  • The future of remaking - designing throughout a garments lifecycle

3. Circular Materials 


  • Latest trends and innovation when it comes to circular materials and processes
  • Traceable and regenerative fibres and why they are the future
  • The inside scoop on textile to textile recycling - what's next

4. Circular Business Models


  • The low down on the business models that are leading the way. How we can we move from a volume led business model towards a model that safeguards people and planet.
  • Resale and minimising landfill 
  • Rental - making it work - and scaling it up 
  • The repairs opportunity 

Please note: programme is subject to change. Speakers will be announced shortly. 

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Resources and Training

We are working with partners and experts to develop practical resources, step by step briefings and CO Training Credits to support circularity best practice. Gain access to all content, training, and recordings by registering for the event.

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